The Benito Guerrero ‘Estomago’ family has been in the fruit and vegetable business in the Madrid region since the beginning of the last century. They started as travelling fruit sellers, and today are the largest distributor group in the region.

The DISFRUTOMA GROUP´s aim is to serve its customers and it is involved in every link of the sector’s chain of values. This is DISFRUTOMA GROUP:

   1. We are involved in farming a number of agricultural estates, controlling production at its place of origin.
2. We have been wholesalers at MERCAMADRID since 1989. The DISFRUTOMA, S.L. company is staffed by a professional team of eleven people.
3. We have out own 2,100m2 warehouse with three cold-storage rooms, along with machinery for handling, packaging and labelling produce, with the firm GESTORA DE INMUEBLES RUSTICOS, S.L.U. The warehouse is located on the Los Huertecillos Industrial Estate, c/ Cedro 15. Ctra. Navalcarnero a Chinchón, km. 41, in Ciempozuelos.

4. We own six greengrocers in various parts of Madrid, run by the firm HERMANOS BENITO ESTOMAGO, S.A.:
... C/ Serena, s/n; Galería Comercial; 28053 MADRID
... C/ Rincón de la Victoria, 12; 28038 MADRID
... C/ Calero Pita, s/n; Galería Comercial; 28053 MADRID
... C/ Martell, 38; 28018; MADRID
... C/ Pedro Laborde, 11; Mercadito Nueva Imagen; 28038 MADRID
... C/ Alondra, 44; 28025 MADRID 10 años